Old Mutual Life Cover

Old Mutual has been in the risk business for more than 165 years. As a leader in risk solutions Old Mutual believes that their Greenlight’s philosophy of simplicity, clarity and certainty makes Old Mutual life cover one of the best life cover options around and also says that Old Mutual life cover pays what it promises, no excuses.

A life insurance policy should not only be available in the long term, but should include features that allow a payout of your benefits if you are subject to a sudden, accidental death. A car crash or even criminal attack can occur at any time, and it is precisely this kind of unexpected demise that is most likely to leave your family in a highly awkward financial situation.

Nobody is expecting the breadwinner of the family to perish in the midst of their life, and such a death often finds the people involved without any kind of financial buffer and with a variety of fiscal burdens, including loans, outstanding and unpaid. Disability, though somewhat less drastic in its effects on the insured person (or “life assured”), can also suddenly cut off the main income of a household, and in such circumstances, a good life insurance policy can be all that stands between your spouse, children, or parents – and yourself – and destitution.

Greenlight is simple to understand. Each Greenligt benefit targets particular risk need, no mess no fuss. With Greenlght’s flexibility you can mix and match from a range of benefits with the option to top up, enhance or change cover later.

Old Mutual life cover provides an income and financial security for the client’s family when the client no longer can. When clients become disabled or impaired and can no longer work Earning ability cover will provide a lump sum that will pay for initial adjustments in lifestyle and also be managed by the client to replace lost future income. To provide cover for the costs of making adjustments to a client’s lifestyle, as a result of surviving a severe illness or becoming physically impaired Greenlights Lifestyle adjustment cover would be ideal.

Free emergency services, advice on legal and health issues, 48 hour armed guards services in case of a break in and a 50% rebate on all virgin active memberships are but a few of the unique aids provided by the Care 4 U package that accompanies every Greenlight contract as a free value added service.